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Crack Ships by XxBlazexXx Crack Ships :iconxxblazexxx:XxBlazexXx 0 0
Homestuck poem
Karkat is red
Equius is blue
Gamzee is sober
He is coming after you
:iconxxblazexxx:XxBlazexXx 1 0
Fill Eridan's Quadrants Maybe
I threww a wwish in the wwell
Gonna kill all land dwwellers
I looked at you as I failed
You’vve been in my wway
I trade my soul for a wwish
Troll ceagers for a kiss
I wwasn't looking for this
But noww you're in my wway
Your stare was holding
Ripped cape
Skin was showwing
Hot night
Tides wwere flowwing
Wwhere you think you're going Fef?
Hey I just met you
And I’m crazy
I’m really desperate
Fill my quadrants maybe
It's hard to look right at you Sol
I’m really desperate
Fill my quadrants maybe
Hey I just met you
And I’m crazy
I’m really desperate
Fill my quadrants maybe
And all the other trolls
I’vve tried to chase them
So I’m really desperate
Fill my quadrants maybe
You took your time wwith the call
I took no time wwith the fall
You gave me nothing at all
But still you're in my wway
I beg and borroww and steal
At first sight and it's real
I didn't knoww I wwould feel it
But it's in my wway
Your stare was holding
Ripped cape
Skin was showwin
:iconxxblazexxx:XxBlazexXx 1 0
Homestuck according to my brother by XxBlazexXx Homestuck according to my brother :iconxxblazexxx:XxBlazexXx 0 0
Stiche und Schlaf CH5
      “Now that we are officially partners there are a few things we need to talk about” Zephyra told Nuime while they were eating lunch.
      “Like what?” Nuime questioned. She didn't think there would be much to talk about.
      “Well like you moving in with me.” Zephyra reminded her.
      “Oh that. You have your own place right?”
      “Then I will move in” Nuime easily decided. “Anything else?”
      “Yes, I agreed to get special training from Professor Stein” Zephyra informed her. “and now that I have a weapon partner I can start that training.”
      “Remember when I said you were smarter than you look?” Nuime asked. Zephyra nodded in response. “I take that back”
      “The training couldn't possi
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Stiche und Schlaf CH4
     ‘I need to stop procrastinating’ Nuime thought to herself while she picked up her report. She started adding more to what was already written when she heard something hit her window. Investigating was the perfect excuse not to continue her report. She opened her curtains to see Zaphyra out front waving. Nuime closed the curtains. Once again something hit her window. “Just ignore her and she’ll go away” Nuime told herself. For the third time her window was hit by something. Nuime opened her window. “Why are throwing things at my window?”
      “Can you come down here?” Zaphyra asked. “I just want to talk.”
      There was a brief silence as Nuime thought about it, and then she decided it couldn't hurt. “I’ll be down in a minute”
      A minute later Nuime was outside. “What do you want to talk about?”
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Looking in the Dark Ch9
   A young servant girl knocked on their door. Loki did not want to wake up. “Larenna get that” he mumbled half asleep.
   “I’m not your servant do it yourself” Larenna said.
    Loki let out an irritated sigh “Fine” he then used magic to open the door.
    The servant girl walked in. “um… I brought you breakfast” she told them shyly “but if you want I could come back later”
    “No, now is fine” Larenna told her. “I’ll just wake him up if he doesn’t get up soon”
    The servant girl came in with a large tray and placed it on the table. “I heard a rumor that you were going to kill Malekith and take his throne. Is it true?” she asked when she was by the door ready to leave.
    “Oh okay” she said disappointed then left.
    “Wake up or I
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Looking in the Dark Ch8
    Larenna grabbed a messenger bag from under her bed. Once she got back in the living room Loki was already wearing his armor. Larenna grabbed his hand to make sure he would come with when she teleported because she wasn’t used to having a passenger. “I didn’t realize we were already at the hand holding stage of our relationship” Loki quipped
     “Shut up” Larenna snapped at him. “Ransporra Divitio Svartalfheim”
     Rainbow energy swirled around them. Once the energy dissipated they were on Svartalfheim. Larenna collapsed from the stress of the spell, but Loki caught her before she hit the ground. “You okay?” He asked concerned.
     “Yeah, just dizzy” she answered “I’ll be fine in a minute” As soon as she could stand on her own, they headed toward Alflyse’s castle. “So what exactly is your latest take over Asgard plan?”
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Looking in the Dark Ch7
    Leia awoke to hearing a scream coming from Larenna’s room. She quickly ran in there to see what happened. When she turned the light on she couldn't see Larenna anywhere just a dark blue skinned girl with pointed ears in her bed.
    “What did you with my friend?!” Leia shrieked
    “What?” Larenna was confused until she looked in a mirror and saw she had shifted to her true form. “Leia it’s me” she tried to explain but it fell on deaf ears.
    “Liar, how dare you try to claim you’re her” Leia was close to tears as she ran out wanting nothing to do with this stranger.
    “Leia, wait” Larenna tried to stop her but couldn't. The only friend she had on earth was now gone. She broke down right there crying.
    Loki heard the door slam and came out. He saw Larenna on the floor crying, and was happy that his plan worked. He quickly went over to her t
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Looking in the Dark Ch6
    When Larenna got home she starting preparing for the movie marathon. Loki of course just continued to annoy her though now he did it simply by asking a thousand questions.      
    “So out of curiosity what is Disney?”
    “…what!?”  Larenna had been on earth for so long that it was unbelievable to her that no one had ever heard of Disney. After getting over the initial shock she explained Disney as best she could. “It’s an evil corporation probably bent on world domination that makes family movies “
    Loki gave her a confused look “You believe this corporation is evil yet you still watch their movies?”
    “I know you’re probably manipulating me for something yet I still consider you a friend” Larenna stated matter of factly.
    “You still consider me a friend?”
    “Against my better judgment
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Looking in the Dark Ch5
    Larenna got to work, and was greeted by her friend Leia. They worked at a pet store close to Larenna’s apartment. In fact the two actually met through work.
    “so we still on for the thing tonight?” Leia asked.
    “I’d love to, but I had an old friend drop by unexpectedly last night, and I don’t know how long he plans on staying” Larenna explained.
    “That shouldn't be a problem it’s just a Disney movie marathon”
    “I guess” Larenna agreed, but she didn't think it would be something Loki would enjoy.
    The two girls got to work and continued to discuss their plans. They were going to pull an all-nighter, watch all the good Disney movies, eat junk food and ice cream, and sing along with all the songs. Despite Leia’s protests Frozen was excluded from the list. Larenna’s only explanation was that ice powers freaked her out.
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Looking in the Dark Ch4
    When Loki woke up he was not pleased to say the least. He changed back to his usual appearance then teleported back into Larenna’s apartment. “Was that really necessary?” he asked her irritated.
    “I was just causing a bit of mischief” She responded while handing him a plate of eggs and bacon arranged as a smiley face. “Something I’d think you of all people could appreciate”
    Loki could not argue with that. “As long as it doesn't happen again I don’t think there will be a problem”
    “What do you mean 'again'?” Larenna questioned “You’re leaving after breakfast.”
    “Actually I intend to stay for awhile”
    “Um, no you need to leave”
    “My apartment my rules that’s why”
    “Please, I do what I want”
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Looking in the Dark ch3
    “All right I need you to go to Svartalfheim for me” Loki said cutting to the chase.
    “Not happening” Larenna told him simply. “You want anything to drink or something?” She asked heading to the kitchen.
    “I’m Fine” he answered “Why won’t you go to Svartalfheim? It’s your home.” He began looking around her apartment. On the coffee table there was a scrap book, Loki opened it up to see various newspaper clipping documenting Thor’s adventures on Midgard. Loki closed the scrapbook in disgust.
    “Svartalfheim hasn’t been my home since I was ten” she stated coming from the kitchen with a glass of orange juice. “Even if it was I’m not going back”
    “Why not?” He was now looking at a shelf filled with a plethora of trinkets.
    “It’s late if you want you can stay here the night&
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Looking in the Dark Ch2
 It was a relatively quiet night in New York City, so Spiderman was swinging home early that night. Riiiiinnnnngggg!!!!!  “That figures” He said, and turned around, heading to the museum that was being robbed. “Why is it that just as I’m heading home someone decides to commit a crime” Spiderman lamented as he arrived at the museum.
 Once he was in there he saw a woman wearing a hoody with the hood up obscuring her face. She was holding an ancient necklace she must of just stolen. Spiderman used a web to take it from her. “I know diamonds are a girls best and all, but I didn’t think someone would stoop to theft just for a friend” he quipped.
 “Tch that necklace doesn’t even have diamonds on it” the thief responded. “Now give it back”
 “Like I would do that it’s my job to keep thieves like you from stealing”
 “Well let’s just see how well you really ar
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Looking in the Dark ch1
   Loki was trying to contact Alflyse the queen of Svartalfheim, but she refused to talk to him. “Accursed Dark elf xenophobia” Loki muttered to himself. He needed the Dark Elf army for his latest scheme to take over Asgard, but do to their (justified) policy of not dealing with outsiders it was impossible for him to ally himself with them.
   He wasn't all out of options yet though. He knew a Dark Elf who he could have go in and negotiate for him. The only problem was he did not know where she currently was; she ran off a long time ago. He could use a locator spell to find her, but he still will have to figure out how to get her to cooperate. She ran away for a reason. A reason she never bothered to tell him…She didn't even bother to say goodbye for that matter.
   “I don’t need her” he decided “I can do this on my own”
   He decided he was going to go to Svartalfheim to talk to Alflyse in person.
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Stiche und Schlaf CH3
The bell had just rung, and Stein was about to start another dissection when Zephyra showed up. Late. On her first day of school. “Well I see you’re making a good first impression” Stein commented on her lateness “Class this is the new student Zephyra” he introduced everyone to their new classmate. “There’s a seat open in the back” he pointed to an available seat for her.
“First day and she decides to wear something disgustingly asymmetrical” she heard one kid comment as walked up. She just ignored it and continued walking not caring.
“HEY NEW GIRL YOU THINK YOU’RE A BIG SHOT JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE NEW?” a loud kid shouted at her as she walked by.
“no” she answered and continued walking.
“I don’t have a w
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